10 Questions for Creative (11/11/13)

10 Questions for Creative (11/11/13)

Welcome to the first of my weekly "no holds barred"  rant about the good, bad and honestly often ridiculousness that we witness on our great American past time the @WWE. But this isn't just about me its about the voices that often feel unheard in the "universe". Is it because we don't know about the business? No. I think it's probably because we're not 10 years old waving our hands in front of our face like a jack ass but I digress. As always feel free to comment and rant along using #RasslinRoundtable or tweet us @RasslinReport


1. Is it me or would @HeelZiggler be much better in the chosen one role than @RandyOrton?

2. Does Vince really believe BigShow vs  Randy Orton will raise buyrates?

3. Has @WWE creative realized that @TrueKofi is in need of a character relauch/overhaul?

4. Do you watch @WWENxT? How long before you call up Sami Zayn ?

5. Does what's "Best for Business" translate to "McMahon Is Delusional"?

6. @LosMatodores?

7. Are you tired of handicap matches? (Cause we are)

8. @AntonioCessaro is over with fans. And amazing in-ring. Does that mean you'll mess this up too?

9. Why are the @WWENxT storylines so much more entertaining than the main rosters?

10. Whose idea was it to celebrate Veterans Day in England?


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