Where Real Resides

1515ave is real, the people who create content for the website, are 80's babies, who work part time/full time, some are parents, some single mothers, some are just single, all are real. The idea behind this site is to create content worth listening to, reading, and engaging with. With that said honesty regardless of subject is what we strive for, that does not mean we will go out of our way to slander anyone; celebrity or civilian and in the same breath we will not bite our tongue for anyone either.  So please read our blogs, listen to and subscribe to our podcast and tell a friend... or an enemy depending on how you feel about us.

twitter: @1515ave
email: the1515ave@gmail.com

Meet The Team

Chelle is a choreographer extraordinaire, the only thing she does better than dancing is ranting. Catch her on The Rundwon: #LHH and Equal opposites podcast.

Sarah J is a hip hop head, who collects kicks and stalks Starbucks. Her obsessions include Law & Order: SVU and Seth McFarlane animated shows. Catch her on the Studio Flow podcast calling Drake a cupcake


Maney Fontaine knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop and why kids like cinnamon toast crunch. But don't ask him because a pimp never tells. Catch him on the Studio Flow podcast.

Jernard Miller eats, sleeps and shits... that's it. What you thought I was gonna say rap or wrestling? Catch him on the Rasslin Roundtable podcast and check out his weekly blog, "10 for Creative."

Jon Robinson is a local celebrity and international jewel thief. During one of his heist, he came up with the idea for leather jogging pants. Since that idea was taken, he went with plan B and created 1515ave.

Sterling Williams is what gym rats aspire to be. When he's not at the gym or running marathons he's going off about something stupid the WWE did. Catch him on the Rasslin Roundtable podcast and check out his weekly blog "R.B.U"